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UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture

Architecture de terre et développement des territoires Voir les Non lu | Plus vieux en premier

Bitumen-stabilized earthen architecture

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par aeccdoc le 06/11/2020 à 09:19:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

A new article by a member of the Chair is available on ScienceDirect. DANEELS, Annick, ROMO DE VIVAR, Alfonso, CHÁVEZ, Laura, REYES, Marisol, TAPIA, Everardo, LEÓN, Mayra, CIENFUEGOS, Edith et OTERO, Francisco Javier, 2020. Bitumen-stabilized earthen architecture: The case of the archaeological site of La...

Terre, Femmes et Savoir-faire, 19-31 octobre 2020 (Villefontaine, France)

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par aeccdoc le 07/09/2020 à 12:09:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

Les Grands Ateliers, dans le cadre de la « Chaire UNESCO architecture de terre, cultures constructives et développement durable », mettent les femmes au cœur de leur action et lancent la première édition de Terre, Femmes et Savoir-faire en octobre 2020. Ce premier évènement, initie...

Elémenterre: educational kit | Elémenterre: mallette pédagogique

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par aeccdoc le 03/06/2020 à 10:50:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

ElemenTerre is an educational tool for discovering earth in general. It is a tool for understanding the transformation of a natural raw material, earth, into a sustainable building material. This is an introduction. The ElémenTerre kit, as its name suggests, the elementary bases for discovering...

DSA “Earthen architecture, building cultures and sustainable development” – academic year 2020/2021

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par aeccdoc le 20/03/2020 à 15:58:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

The DSA “Earthen architecture, constructive cultures and sustainable development” is a post-master’s program, accredited by a national diploma of specialization and advanced study in architecture (DSA- Diplôme National de Spécialisation et d’Approfondissement en Architecture), qualified by the French’s Ministry of Culture and issued by the...

Theoretical and practical earthen construction workshop (May, 9-10 – Colombia) – TierraTEC

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par aeccdoc le 19/03/2020 à 13:32:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

TierraTEC, invites you this May 9 and 10 to build with soil. This workshop is part of a training cycle where a special module of walls, arches and vaults will be developp. The workshop will include a theoretical and pracical part. In the program: Presentation...

Postgraduate Degree | BASEhabitat – Start 2020

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par schwantner ulrike le 26/07/2019 à 11:50:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

The built environment has an enormous role in the way we live together in this world. Today’s construction activities are extremely resource-intensive and harmful to the environment and our climate. BASEhabitat invites built environment professionals to develop radically new ideas for dealing with today’s global...

Full Immersion nella Terra – Serrenti (Sardaigne_Italie) 3-7 Juillet 2019

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par achenzamaddalena le 02/05/2019 à 10:53:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

download video and program here: https://terra.hypotheses.org/full-immersion-2019-inglese-3

Auroville Earth Institute – November 2018 Newsletter

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par earthinstitute le 06/12/2018 à 09:23:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

Warm greetings from the Auroville Earth Institute! Please see this link for our November 2018 newsletter: http://www.earth-auroville.com/maintenance/uploaded_pics/2018-11-avei-newsletter.pdf Next year we will be switching to a quarterly newsletter!

ECVET Earth Building

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par Murielle Serlet le 16/11/2018 à 09:17:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

ECVET Earth building is a matrix of units of learning outcomes that are conceived for construction, renovation and decoration with unfired clay materials. For much more information please see https://ecvetearth.hypotheses.org Each unit relates to a set of tasks that together form an activity specific to...

Auroville Earth Institute – September 2018 Newsletter

UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture par earthinstitute le 12/10/2018 à 05:12:00 - Favoriser ||  (Lu/Non lu)

Warm greetings from the Auroville Earth Institute! Please see this link for our September 2018 newsletter: http://www.earth-auroville.com/maintenance/uploaded_pics/2018-09-avei-newsletter.pdf